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In March 2019, as part of my master studies „Interaction Design“, we collaborated with the company HMI to redesign their smart home app „easymaster“. This was carried out as a design competition where 7 groups presented a redesign concept. The goal set by the clien was to have a simple, clean and intuitive interface as well as the app assissting you with your tasks.

We chose a very graphical approach as the house itself is the main focus if you look at the startscreen.  Due to a lot of different elements in the app, like rooms, scenes, areas and favorites, we gave each element a unique shape to facilitate differentiation.

Concept | Screendesign | Prototype

Design Thinking | Adobe XD | Invision

HMI, University Project 2019

Mariella Havlicek, Susanne Maier, Bettina Pötsche,
Jasmin Schachner

The Conception

As the app consisted of many various categories of content, we built the information architecture through the card sorting method. In the end, we chose the house itself as the main navigation element of the app. As in real life, you switch floors and enter the rooms from there.  

The Home Screen

The start screen with the user’s home at its center is the core of our app. Therefore, it was important to integrate daily routines as easily accessible favorites on the home screen, so that the user can change simple settings without further navigation. The house itself is modularly changeable and extendable according to the users needs. Furthermore, areas and scenes  affecting the whole home are accessible and changeable here.

Settings & Favorites

Via clicking on any given floor, you can select the wanted room and recieve an overview of all the connected smart home devices in it. By using orange as our signature color, the user can easily spot if a device is switched on. By setting a device as a favorite after adjusting the settings, the device is then accessible and changeable from the home screen.


„All roads lead to Rome“ was our guiding principle when designing the navigation of the app. Therefore, the multiple functions can be found not only via the burger-menu, but also through exploring and navigating the user interface. 

Always up to date

As the users should not miss out on important events concerning their own home, the app assissts them via push-notifications and suggests change of settings when needed. The user doesn’t have to make the changes themselves, due to the fact that the app is able to change settings after given permission.