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Mind Memo is a diary app for enhancing positive thinking in your daily routine. As the smartphone is a quick medium, the goal is to not only engage the user to write down his best memories everyday, but only to make the usage efficient and fast. Therefore the user can only upload one photo daily to represent his day and in combination with three short questions which should put the positive happenings during the day on record. 

Concept | Screendesign | Prototype

Adobe XD | Adobe Illustrator | Adobe After Effects

University Project 2019

Bettina Pötscher , Jasmin Schachner

The Conception

On our first paper sketches, we tried to figure out how the basic structure of the app should look like. Except a traditional diary in form of a book, the smartphone app has nonetheless a digital look & feel, therefore we chose a feed of the users personal entries as the overview of the diary.  After sketching on paper, we did some quick wireframes in Balsamiq to get a brief overview of the structure before building our design.  

your personal diary

The basic navigation is located at the top bars of the app. Here the user can choose between looking at his newsfeed, which is also the startpage, adding a new entry or looking at the selection of your favorite entries. By answering the same three questions everyday, the user should collect his memories and learn to focus on the positive things during his day at the same time. To enhance the entry, the user can choose one photo per day to represent his highlights. 

Onboarding & Registration

When starting the app, the user gets guided through the basic principles of the app as well as the registration process to start using it without further complications. Due to security issues, the app works offline, with optional possibility of saving your backup-data on a personal cloud in case of changing your phone. 


Even if everyday holds something positive, sometimes there are days where something unforgetable happened. To also get an overview about your very special moments, the app provides the feature to mark entries as favorites which are displayed their own favorite-feed. This feed also contains a calendar which has every favorite day marked, so that a user can check for patterns and see at which times of the week, month or year he is the happiest.