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Pindia is an alternative concept for task management which focuses on a piece of furniture as the main UI element. As we tend to remember things better when we do them haptically, we created an interface where the tasks become touchable and manually editable by the user. The interface is a combination of both an analogue and a digital display. Pindia consists of a pinboard fit to hang over your desk and a mobile app for managing your tasks on the go. 

The project was realized as a haptic prototype. 

Concept | Wireframe | Screendesign | Prototype

Balsamiq | Adobe XD | After Effects

University Project 2018

Jasmin Armbrüster, Katharina Kuhn, Bettina Pötscher,
Jasmin Schachner

The conception

Our team started from scratch with brainstorming and collecting various ideas. While we thought about various concepts of interactive furniture, we noticed that a problem which was important to every memeber of our team was time and task management. So we dug deeper into the topic, looked at pain points, already existing projects in this field and did a lot of research before we created the first wireframes.